(Fleming, 2012)

   (America's Most Wanted x Heart Pumping)

32", 6.25", Ev, Re, M

When this flower first bloomed in our seedling bed, we knew it would someday be a registration! With the background of two of the best plants ever produced from two of the best hybridizers, we expected this one to be a winner. The growth and the bloom characteristics were undeniable. The foliage is some of the most lush and largest of any daylily I have grown. It is beautiful even without blooms! But of course the blooms are outstanding with a peachy cream color, (darker on first bloom), and lots  of ruffles but the greatest characteristic is the unbelievable substance. Even in our hot summer the leather-like substance holds up and the blooms are displayed beautifully all day. I have it registered as 3-4 way branching and 24 buds because that was normal when it first bloomed but since that time on established plants it has surpassed that many times. The pictures speak for itself. Truly spectacular! Named for a wonderful daylily lover and good friend. Plants are fertile both ways and expected to be a truly outstanding parent.......... $35


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