Dragon In A Blue Dress (Fleming, 2013)

(Forbidden Desires x Blueberry Frost), 27", 5", tet, evr, re. A Medium Lavender bloom with the bluest eyezone I have ever seen. Flowers has silver/white edging with occasional teeth and a light green throat. This is not your normal daylily! I am introducing it more for hybridizers because of the color and what it could produce. Many people have tried to buy this one from my future introduction page but I was not ready to intoduce it before now. It does not reproduce rapidly and sometimes can be a difficult parent but the good qualities do outweigh the bad and therefore here it is finally! I have been crossing this flower onto spider and UF varieties and have had some luck. It is still a work in progress.....


Very Limited..................................SOLD OUT!

      Great color on a cloudy day!

  One of the very first pictures showing off the blue eyezone!

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