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My Friend Rita (Fleming, 2015)

(Sense of Wonder x Kissed From Afar), 26", 6", tet, evr, re, 4-way branching with 24 buds.

One of the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen, but I am prejudiced!

The color is a ruffled rose red with a darker rose eyezone surrounded by a very dark rose etching. The petals have a fine gold wire filament edging and the throat is very green. The color also lightens some in the heat of the summer as shown by these images but it is always beautiful with great substance!

Named for a great promoter and friend of our garden. This one deserved a great name and I could not think of anything better than to add it to my "FRIENDS" collection of special flowers.


Double Fans .................................. $75

      Great color on a hot and sunny North Florida day!

Still great color after a day in the hot sun!

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