Panama Fantasy (Fleming, 2015)

(Song Triumphant x Panama Rose), 27", 6", tet, evr, re, 4-way branching with 24 buds.

This one has a very unusual attraction with it's pronounced bicolor. It is slightly ruffled while the color is a dark pink/lavender with lighter colored sepals. It has a slightly lighter watermark and a yellow/green throat. 

The real beauty of this one is the way it grows! Traditionally my "PANAMA" series of flowers wwas reserved for cultivars which grow large, fast and produce tremendous amounts of blooms. This one which came from my "Panama Rose" qualified very easily! Mulitiple reblooms in my gardens produce flowers all season, and we have a long season in North Florida. Very Showy!


Double Fans.................................. $60

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This one is a real showoff in the garden !

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