Panama Red (Fleming, 2015)

(Unknown x Unknown), 36", 9", tet, evr, re, 5-way branching with 24 buds. 

Several years ago I decided to quit producing dip spiders and switched to tet spiders. I wanted to produce flowers with stronger scapes and more branching however there wasn't a lot of good cultivars to work with that had the qualities I wanted, therfore I worked to create my own parent for such plants. This is my creation for that end. This is the base of my future spider line and the first of those introductions should occur in 2016. While it does not set seeds easily, the pollen is very fertile .In the years I have grown this plant I have never seen a scape lay down or collapse and it has exhibited 6-way branching often. Grows rapidly and blooms often with multiple reblooms in my garden.


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Such a pretty face!

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